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As fans we need to be accepting of our idols decisions. As they say love waits for no one. K-pop idols are human. Just like me and you. They have bad hair days, finance-related problems, family issues, arguments with their friends, and get annoyed at their boss, just like everyone else. The answer to this is no. I think that they have the right to fall in love with whoever they want.

This is Taeyeon and Baekhyun. They dated for 14 months after their relationship was made public by a media site called Dispatch before finally breaking up due to anger from fans, popularity drops, sales drops, death threats etc. This is Zico and Seolhyun.

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They also took hits to their reputations and broke up. Sungmin and Sa Eun actually had the nerve to get married. Do you think K-pop idols are not aware of the amount of pressure that comes with their dating scandals? In fact, people should be happy about it. Fans want their idols to not date while fans date and have fun. Is this a joke? What are they, toys? I will never understand why fans are so delusional. Yes, idols are entertainers.

1. January 1, 2013 — Rain and Kim Tae Hee

Their bank comes from the fans that spend money on them. Before anything, idols are human. They live, eat, breathe, and they have a right to relationships as well.

Fans need to stop with their delulu fantasies. Do you want your oppa to be old and single forever? But unfortunately, K-idol culture is what it is. At the same time, I sort of want them to put up the middle finger and go public with it, because this fantasy culture with idols needs to stop. Second, we know how much does fans love their idols specially to boy group. If by any chance someone for EXO like Chanyeol would date a model, or an average person do you think they would last long? Knowing that fans can harass the girl? It depends on the Idol itself, if they want to date then have permission and things can get along well.

No, is this even something we need to ask or discuss about.

They have their human rights as a human for god sake. They can date, marry, have sex with whoever they want. Try to put yourself in their shoes. We are just fans, we do not own them in anyway.

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And think realistically, the chance of one miraculously go to a fan meeting and make a idol falls head over heels are what I would call, impossible. Although I think they can date, they should date in private first for a while and if they think they can face it together. Excuse my language, but this is an issue I feel strongly about as an advocate of human rights despite not even following K-pop. This opinion is not only idiotic, but also very callous and self-centered.

Just because some fans fetishise idols and make the choice to follow them doesn't mean said fans have to right to control their lives. Sure, fans spend money on idols. Did the idols force the fans to spend money on them?

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No, it's the choice of the fans. Yes, idols are going to take in consideration the fact that many fans would be disappointed if their idols start dating, and perhaps even turn away. Let's put this idea in a simple analogy. A man is attracted to a girl, so he approaches her as a friend.

He's nice to her, and buys her expensive presents. Does that mean the girl is obliged to sleep with the guy? She might lose his friendship, and will certainly lose the presents, but that doesn't mean he can gain sex from her in exchange of gifts that were freely offered. In the end, sleeping with him is her choice to make.

From what I know, fans spend money on idols because they respect them and want to show affection in some way or another. They don't spend money on idols because they want control over them. Furthermore, these fan products? They're sold by entertainment companies, and the profits mostly stay with those companies as well.

Hell, a prostitute might have a better life seeing they wouldn't go through the incessant training and 24 hour media scrutiny idols go through.

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Plus, if a group debuts when the members are still underage, then not dating is a good idea. Discouraging dating helps the trainees focus on work and prevent scandals. Even if they are Idols, at the end they are also human beings. If normal people have the right to live their life fully,so should they.

Dating 101: How Korean Celebrities Date Secretly

I know been an idol means making your personal life public. Idols are concerned about their fans, but fans should also support their idols choices. Idols sacrifice a lot for their fans, i guess even fans should be supportive when it comes to their dating life. So, it was no surprise when they confirmed their relationship in February. These two have been going strong since and were recently spotted together at an airport.

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Ahreum began dating rookie actor Lee Seung Jae in and confirmed their relationship in January The couple has reportedly been dating since June After meeting on a group outing, their affection grew over time despite their year age gap. The two met each other on an SBS Power Radio broadcast in and now remain in a good senior-junior relationship after their break-up.

SM Entertainment confirmed the break-up rumors earlier this year and said the couple had agreed to stay on good terms. BamBam defends Lisa after she was targeted in Racist and Hateful attack. Jennie stands up to protect Lisa, after cruel people insult and shame her.