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At the end of the war, Japan handed over control of Taiwan. The position was appointed by the government to rule during the interim period. Both Taichung areas were declared a provincial city and county in Taichung City is located in the Taichung Basin [22] along the main western coastal plain that stretches along the west coast from northern Taiwan almost to the southern tip.

The Central Mountain Range lies just to the east of the city. Rolling hills run to the north leading to Miaoli County , while flat coastal plains dominate the landscape to the south leading to Changhua County and the Taiwan Strait to the west. The highest temperature of the year occurs in July and August, while the lowest temperature occurs in January and February. Due to the protection provided by the Central Mountain Range to the east and the Miaoli hills to the north, Taichung is rarely severely affected by typhoons.

However, occasional typhoons emerging from the South China Sea can pose a threat to the city as evidenced by Typhoon Wayne in , which struck the west coast of Taiwan near Taichung. Due to Taichung plain's strong radiative cooling effect [ citation needed ] , Taichung City is one of the few cities of Taiwan where the year round average daily low temperature falls below 20 degrees Celsius, with even most cities of northern Taiwan, such as Taipei and Keelung having an average low of over Taichung's population was estimated to be 2,, in July The city surpassed Kaohsiung to become the second largest city in Taiwan in July , growing at the 2nd fastest rate in Taiwan from to Unlike Taipei in the north, which is solidly in the Pan-Blue political camp, and the southern cities of Kaohsiung and Tainan that are solidly Pan-Green , Taichung is more balanced, with the urban city center area leaning Blue and the suburban and rural areas leaning Green.

In fact, both major political parties have won a mayoral election among the last four with at least 49 percent of the vote Democratic Progressive Party in and and the Kuomintang in and Taichung City's executive branch is headed by mayor Lu Shiow-yen of the Kuomintang. Each member is elected from one of six member districts where each voter has only one vote. Taichung consists of 28 districts and 1 mountain indigenous district.

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Inner Taichung refers to the eight former districts of Taichung City before the merger with Taichung County on December 25, Colors indicates the common languages status of Hakka within each division. Note that Heping is also a indigenous area of the Atayal people.

Taichung is home to many industries. Taichung's Industrial Zone, located in Xitun District , is home to many factories, while nearby World Trade Center Taichung hosts many industrial conventions every year. Taichung is most famous for its suncakes. The recent surge in population resulted in the growth of the retail sector, [ citation needed ] with the opening of large department stores in Xitun District. Two railways run parallel to each other in Taichung: Taichung railway station is located in the heart of the city in Central District and numerous bus companies provide connections to other towns by bus.

Taichung Port , located on the coast in Taichung City, is the second largest cargo facility on the island capable of handling container shipping. Despite being the second largest port on the island of Taiwan, there are no passenger ferry services available and the port is closed to unauthorized personnel.

Taichung City generally follows a radial road layout, with its center at Taichung railway station. Freeway 1 runs along the Fazi River on the outskirts of the city, while Freeway 3 runs along the Dadu River to the coastal plains on the west, where it then runs parallel to the coastline. Freeway 4 begins in Qingshui District and terminates in Fengyuan District. Highway 74 , known as the Taichung Ring Expressway circles the outskirts of the city, while Highway 63 , known as the Zhongtou Expressway, runs from Taichung southward to Caotun , Nantou.

Many other highways run through the city. Most road signs in the city have romanized spelling. The most frequently used public transportation system in Taichung is by bus, with 18 bus companies providing routes that cover all districts. All station names are announced in both Chinese and English, while some also providing Hokkien pronunciations.

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For passengers using a contactless smartcard for example, an EasyCard , the first 10 kilometers are free. The city currently does not have any type of mas transit system, though a MRT system is currently under construction with completion of the Wuri-Beitun line scheduled for It used articulated buses running a specialized lane, a first in Taiwan. The system began operation in July ; however, it did little to ameliorate traffic congestion, and was terminated within a year.

The lane and specialized bus stops are currently used as a general bus lane, with bus lines running through it. The Taichung International Airport is the third and newest international airport in Taiwan. The current airport replaced Shuinan Airport as Taichung's airport in Taichung City is in the process of implementing Hanyu Pinyin on road signs throughout the city. However, there are still signs displaying spellings from previously used romanization systems as well as Tongyong Pinyin and systems that do not conform to any standard system.

Taichung, Taiwan

However, the municipal website uses the Taipei system. Most major intersections have at least one sign containing some form of romanization. Nearly every intersection in the downtown area has signs in Hanyu Pinyin. However, outside of the downtown area, while coverage by Hanyu Pinyin signs is improving, many intersections have signs in other romanization systems especially Wade—Giles and MPS2 or no Romanized signs at all.

Temples can be found all over the city of Taichung. While many of them are of recent construction, others are considered historic and are indicative of the changing currents through Taichung's history.

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The Taichung Martyrs' Shrine. Built during the Qing Dynasty. Taichung has several open-air night markets that feature local food and diversions: Taichung has a famous hot spring, Guguan , located in Heping District. Taichung has one mosque called the Taichung Mosque. Built in , the mosque is Taiwan's 4th mosque and it is located in Nantun District. The team was expected to move into the newly completed Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium in , but never did. At the end of the season, Sinon Corporation announced its intention to sell the team. Taichung hosts two road races annually.

Taichung has signed sister city agreements with nineteen cities in nine countries since Get free practice material. British Council - Global Village Taichung. British Council - Elite Taichung. British Council - Dell English Taichung. National Chung Hsing University. Various international activities, such as dual-degree programs, student and faculty exchange programs, study abroad programs, mutual visits by scholars, international symposiums and conferences, take place all year round at NCHU.

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