Whats it like dating a beautiful woman

It would have been an extremely humbling experience, which although ultimately healthy, would have been extremely painful in the short-term. Our ego is willing to go to great lengths to protect our identity. Although this helps us remain relatively comfortable, it can prevent us from making any substantial change.


In their groundbreaking book, Switch: This is true for dating more than anything else. Not only does our ego want to protect us from the pain that meeting women entails, but society also tells us that taking action to get better with women is creepy. The whole idea of learning to pick up women is demonized in the era of metoo, street harassment videos, and never-ending sex scandals.

Quickly, I want to mention here that pickup is creepy — if you do it poorly. Bad plastic surgery can be a totally unattractive.

The Social Man

The same thing applies to pickup. Still, there are a lot of reasons not to learn success with women.

This is a universal human trait. The psychological term for this phenomenon is the confirmation bias. We overvalue evidence that reaffirms are current beliefs and undervalue evidence that would disprove those beliefs. If you read this section with a critical sense of self-honesty, it will likely be the trigger for mindset shift. As soon as you realize your mindset is holding you back, you can change your mindset — and then change your actions. Each invisible sticking point has its own logic, but the end result is always the same: One guy thinks that he needs to lose 20 pounds before he approaches girls.

A third guy thinks that he needs to read more books before he has the base level of understanding necessary to start approaching women. There is no world in which waiting to take action will benefit you. We all think our excuse is unique, that we have a legitimate reason to wait to take the leap.

Most people will find a reason not to take a risk and latch onto it. Be honest with yourself. It is true that your priorities will change over time, however certain aspects of your life are always going to be important.

The 10 Pitfalls Of Dating A Beautiful Woman

Your physical health and fitness is always going to matter. Your career is always going to matter. Your friendships are always going to matter. Your sexual relationships are always going to matter. Obviously, it would be silly to stop putting time into your career because you want to get in better shape. You may not always go to the gym for an hour and a half a day, but you should never go a week without any physical activity.

This understanding is important because it makes dabbling impossible.

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If you have a crush on one girl, taking action means asking her out. We resist the idea that we should go out and approach women for a variety of reasons, some of which have a grain of truth to them. This is never the case. Achieving any worthwhile goal will always involve struggle, stress, and pain. Her interest in puppies is adorable. Also, make it a point to comment on what she does, her achievements and things she finds value in, rather than what she has on.

Copy and paste these tested words to get a response and get her addicted to you - every time! Enter your name and email below to get a FREE copy of this report By Joshua Eferighe Highly opinionated, contentious and one to always speak his mind, Joshua Eferighe has been on the path of expression through writing before he even chose the profession. Love him or hate him, you'll always want to know what he has to say. Follow him on Twitter jman23j. Generally speaking, you can meet a woman anywhere.

I want to turn things around with her so we can be a LOT more than friends. I'm cool being friend zone by girls I want to date. How To Date Beautiful Women. Remind yourself that it all comes with the territory.


Use Materialism Carefully Beautiful women are used to receiving free gifts and offers. Other guys get so caught up in the beauty of their girl that it hinders their support. When you have a beautiful woman, support her. Compliment Properly Beautiful women are used to superlatives. Place To Meet Women: Real Dating Advice For Men: She likes to club, drink, get all dolled up hair, nails, makeup and go out on the town with her friends. For some reason she thinks it is your responsibility to pay for her good time, ultimately she is so damn hot that how could you not want to pay to keep her around?

Her high maintenance attitude is a lot to deal with but somehow you are willing to because hey, she fills out that dress so well. Siblings can be a terror for potential boyfriends; whether it is the protective, muscular older brother or the miserable sister who is absolutely no nonsense. Either way there is a good chance that if the girl you are dating is considered a hot commodity you may have a problem with her overprotective siblings.

You could be a great guy with great intentions but unfortunately for you, there have been some real losers in the past that she has gone home and cried about, and her siblings have had to come to the rescue. Watch your back; if you fail to break the ice with them in the beginning, you may never get another chance to do it. Because your girlfriend is so good looking she attracts the attention of a whole bunch of random guys who could quite frankly care less that she is in a committed, solid, loving relationship.

You may have to use excessive force so those random guys can get it through their thick skulls that your girlfriend is simply not up for grabs.

Get ready to throw some effective right hooks; if she is truly worth it. You begin to question if she is really into you; you want to know specifically what she likes about you and why she is in this relationship with you.

Every guy likes to feel as though they can obtain that hot girl especially when they have that liquid courage in them and are in a crowded bar where there rejection may not be widely noticed. Here is where it gets tricky; they find it more of a challenge when they find out that she has a serious boyfriend and they try even harder to steal her away from her man. It is crucial that you keep your composure and show confidence during this time; not only does it kind of scare the guy away, but it demonstrates trust in your relationship, and you can only look like a great boyfriend at this point.

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