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I linked to this site on both of my Asperger's forums, so some more people have been signing up. This is really awesome! I tried a few dating sites starting uni and I had an awful time communicating with guys, unless they were shy or eccentric. I hope you will have more luck on this new site We need a whole lot of new sign ups still. There are 41 now which is nice for chatting with each other but for actually dating it would be a stroke of luck finding someone from your area at this moment But still 41 new signups within one day is not bad I hope it will keep on coming and that you guys will promote the site all around Some relinking has been done already and I really appreciate that If it's not for profit, why not make it a free and open source software project?

Then you might get more volunteers to help you make it better. You could have proper issue tracking too e.

If you did that, I would be all over this. There are so many issues I would 'complain' about and suggestions I would make.

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That's actually a very interesting idea. The only thing is that I am running it on open source wordpress already. And if there would be volunteers then that should be wordpress professionals that I could completely trust with this. I'll have a look at the Open Genders Project.

After some great help here I think we settled for a great solution with regard to gender-inclusion. But the open source project idea is is very interesting. I don't know quite how to approach that but I will think about it. You could just use github as an issue tracker. A reddit thread is not an ideal place to manage feedback about a complex system.


It's hard to see at a glance how many issues there are and which ones have been addressed. And it wouldn't mean people can't give feedback in other ways including here ; then you just add it to the issue tracker yourself. I design a little plugin for Minecraft that makes chat more autism friendly. I'm pretty sure there's only one server that runs it and most players aren't familiar with github so I tend to ask for feedback in game and in our external chat group, and then add the issues myself.

But why not release the code as well?

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This is not a rhetorical question. There may be a good reason. I object to the "Aspie Scale" requirement, because I don't know how to place myself in any of the choices. Please explain why this is a meaningful and useful distinction.

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Some people score higher on the spectrum than others. I have taken away the requirement for that one for you. There is however an algorithm running in the background matching you with other users on this point. So not filling it out will result in a lower matching score.

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If you change yours to the default setting and report back to me then I will switch it back to required again dor that matching reason. Hi, The site has been offline last week because of some technical issues but it was all back in half an hour! For the time being I am not signing up. Your point got me thinking though so I've changed the label from "Sexual orientation" to just "orientation" because that is at least a little less wrong I've been sparring a couple of rounds on the same issue for another dating site and this came out as the best way to do it while still preserving all matching and search capabilities.

Similar solutions you find on websites like OKCupid. I try to include everyone but it's a pain in the ass to place it right and have a site functioning technically too. On OKC gender identity is separate from sexual orientation, though if you choose a non-binary gender you choose hidden on your profile if you turn up in the male or female search. As aspies tend to have a higher incidence of gender dysphoria it might be something to look into getting right at the start rather than later.

For now I have changed the settings from "required" to "not required" on the gender and orientation fields, so that they can also be ignored. Ignoring those will however affect the individual matching rate with others and one won't come up in searches where a gender is specified. But that is a free choice of course. I greatly appreciate the input I am getting here.

All is food for thought and improvements can always be made. But like you say, better now than later I actually read some scientific study once which says that Asperger's is a gender identity disorder in itself. Might have been talking about gender roles though. I would think that most people with Asperger's can develop more freely and find their own form because they are often not very good at keeping to that which is supposed to be socially proper. But that is just my deduction. As a asexual trans woman I usually ran away from places like this as fast as I can.


This time I decided to stop by and educate. As for myself I identify as an grey asexual woman. Should I choose that I am asexual or transgender? The thing is that "orientation" will allow you to select multiple fields. While under "I am a" is stuck to 1 field selection only Instead, ShojiAn's suggestion is a good one. If it needs a label, maybe set it as, "Gender Identity. That should give people enough options without screwing up the matching. Now I have all the "gender-identities" placed under "I am" and the "sexual-identities" under "orientation" I thought that was pretty neutral So now you can be for example be a bisexual trans man without any problem.

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