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Or open and full of energy?

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Well, most girls like flirting with a guy who shows some signs of life. So if you want a way to immediately exude confidence, do what your parents always told you and just try standing or sitting up straight. First of all, unwanted touching is probably the fastest way to ruin things with a girl.

But… if you respect her boundaries, physical contact can actually put her at ease. Use these to your advantage.

Something as quick as opening the car door for her, or remembering something she said a while back, are easy ways to drop a hint. One of the best ways to take a conversation from friendly to flirty, is to introduce a little bit of playful teasing into the mix.

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Just one flirting hack to remember, the key to playful teasing is to keep it from crossing the line into the friend zone. And the best way to do that? Gently poke fun at her about the special quirks that make her who she is. However, men with low self-esteem are bolder and use more obvious approaches than men with high self-esteem when the target is clearly interested and rejection risk is low.

11 Psychological Flirting Tricks to Make Flirting Dramatically Easier

This may be because encountering a sure thing is one of the only contexts in which a guy with low self-esteem feels safe making advances, so he has to make it count. Women traditionally initiate relationships less often than men, so when the chance arises perhaps women decide to throw caution to the wind and just go for it.

Subtle vs. direct

Of course it is also possible that women are using the technique that they know works better when men try to flirt with them. When it comes to flirting technique the research is pretty clear: A study asked college students about the most effective ways to show interest in someone. A key benefit to direct flirting approaches, especially for the person on the receiving end, is that they are clear and easier to interpret. Protect your ego too carefully by maintaining complete deniability and you run the risk of no one receiving your too-subtle signals.

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To see how easy it is to accurately perceive flirting, researchers gave more than heterosexual strangers the opportunity to interact for ten minutes. Afterwards, each participant indicated whether they were flirting or not and whether they thought their partner was flirting. Overall, almost a quarter of the participants flirted during their interaction.

Are outside observers any better at detecting flirting than participants are?

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Researchers had more than people view one-minute video clips from the earlier interactions to see if they could accurately identify flirting in strangers. Observers who simply watched the interaction were even less accurate at identifying flirting than those who were actually involved.

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Across both studies, the ability to detect flirting was probably lower than any flirty person would like. But as lead researcher Jeffrey Hall explains:.

Relationship Warning: 4 Signs That Your 'Flirting' Is Flirting With Cheating!

Behavior that is flirtatious is hard to see, and there are several reasons for that. Direct methods are best. An ambiguous approach is less threatening, but ultimately not very effective. Dealers, collectors and curators: