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I want my daughters not to fear dating a Black man because of the Down Low shadow that is all over our community.

Is Your Relationship Low-Key Or On the Down Low?

The search for monogamy--and the escape from the "married and dating" conundrum--paved the way for entrepreneur Cheryl Smith to launch Catch Social, a meet-and-greet service for mature, sophisticated singles. So, where do we meet someone? So how do you deal with that struggle? That is the reality. It depends on their space and their moral background.

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There are plenty of women and men who believe in being in a committed relationship. We are too easy and we have to say no, let's wait a month, and let's wait. And in the end, guys are going to do that. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Let JL King tell it: This down-low revelation made JL King the man straight women loved to hate. JL King cautions that not every man is on the Down-Low: But make no mistake; JL King says monogamy is a fallacy.

The Downlow On Dating Views From The Porch podcast

Down low refers to this classic R Kelly Isley Brothers track. I have stories, every day I work hard to create them believe me, but I respect any one I chose to date and carefully select what to share and what to keep under wraps. My reason for wanting a low-key relationship is so that he and I can build a foundation based upon respect and intimacy on our own terms before we ever publicly announce the relationship.

Girl Chat: Keeping Your Relationship on the Down Low

Get your weight up before the Facebook relationship status change, before the parental introductions, before talks of the titles and rings. What do we stand for?

What will we NOT stand for? Do we respect each other? Especially in world where people are murdered and abused over Facebook beef- Really though?!

Are you more comfortable with the red carpet approach or would you rather keep the good news to yourself? To get at me in private email contact goddessintellect. Telisha N Posted September 9, The Greatest Lie Ever Told:

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