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Lauren in bisexual so she had a girlfriend as well. Also, she had never been pregnant with a child from any of her boyfriends. Also, Lauren has not been engaged to any of her boyfriends yet. As Lauren is bi-sexual, it would be interesting to see whether she will get married to a husband or a wife. As Lauren is dating now and has not talked about getting married yet, her married life, husband, children, pregnant, and divorce are all future talk.

With the last birthday celebration, her age is A post shared by laurenjauregui laurenjauregui on Sep 15, at 6: Lauren has two younger siblings: Fifth Harmony was formed from the set of The X Factor. As a solo singer and a member of Fifth Harmony, Lauren has earned quite a money. Lauren Jauregui is active on social media and uploades several pictures and videos on her social media.

Jauregui has over 6. Moreover, Lauren has uploaded over 1k posts and gained over 2. Whereas, she makes over 4 million followers on her Twitter.

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Tracy Pollan had to leave the show because she was pregnant. I'd hafta go with Ellen. Although Cox and MJF did work rather well off each other, things just seemed more natural with Tracy Pollan like everyone else has been saying: Just my not-so humble opinion: Hands down, Ellen was the best for Alex. I can't say enough things about her that made her and Alex the perfect couple on screen. Who did you prefer as Alex's girlfriend? I always liked Ellen better. Not only cause she ended up being his future wife, but I just thought they had better chemistry.

I mean when they first kissed and danced, that was such a great moment. Lauren wasn't as exciting and to me they didn't blend as well.

I know that lauren was more beutiful. But Ellen was more sexy. Some of those still shots of her with MJF are really awsome. She has a look about her that is stunning. A real deep look in her eyes. Oh I didn't know this question had been asked already Well, it had - But don't worry, I have merged the two threads now to one long thread She and Alex had such chemistry together. Lauren was a poor replacement, I really did not like seeing her and Alex together. I always hoped Ellen would come back one day and he'd dump Lauren lol.

Who was your favorite of Alex's girlfriends? Tracy Pollan Micheal J.

My fave girlfriend of Alexs' is Tracy Pollan because I think they make a great couple in real life. My favorite girlfriend of Alex's is Tracy Pollan. I think she is a great actress and they make a really nice couple. I would choose Lauren, because she is the kind of woman who doesn't take crap from no one, not even Alex.


She was the kind of girl that could put Alex in his place. Lauren was good for Alex because every-so-often he needed to control himself and if Steven and Elyse couldn't get him to buckle down, then Lauren sure could. As she said "It was a date and an experiment". You could say that Lauren couldn't be swayed by Alex's Republican craziness and she also saw right through him considering her profession.

It was just a great couple, until that ugly ass Marty came on. Whatever he saw in that girl to cheat on Lauren, I would love to know. And so ended another relationship that could have lasted.

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Ellen was definitely the best one for Alex. To begin with, Tracy Pollan is a better actress than Courtney Cox, she just seemed so much more natural in the role. Lauren was fine for Alex and they got along and kept each other company and all, but that spark he had with Ellen was totally missing.

His relationship with Lauren seemed much more superficial and she came off as being very needy. Ellen was the perfect contrast to Alex, in her he really met his match. I just think that overall, there was much better chemistry between MJF and Tracy Pollan, they seemed to be much more natural together, whereas the interaction between Alex and Lauren seemed more forced.

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Ellen was soooooooo much better for Alex. D They had fantastic chemistry and seemed in love. Fox had no chemistry between them. Ellen was so sweet and her and Alex seemed like such opposites so it was all really cute and believable.

Courtney Cox was a poor replacement. Tracey Pollan was cool but its obvious there was real feelings involved..

I'm gonna go with Lauren Miller. Courteney Cox was easy to watch and enjoyable and people may hate Friends but it was a Pop culture phenomenom that will never be matched. I haven't seen any episodes with Ellen, but I like Lauren.

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I think they are both pretty and they are both good for Alex, but Tracy Pollan is better. I think it was Lauren becuase she was played by Courtney Cox. Cause the show was about to end and Alex was going off to NY And court is great, no matter what some people say. I have to go with Ellen Reed, since she's played by the actress who later became Michael J Fox's real life wife. Hands down Ellen Reed.