Dating a non witness

Well,its obvious you already have a mindset about them,albeit a very biased one at that. Have you really wondered why she is balking away from marrying a non witness? Did you assume she is brainwashed? Being a witness was a decision she took voluntarily and she knows the norms and principles guiding code of conduct among members. Psychologically,that relationship of yours with her is doomed It was doomed even before it commenced because you would never have been able to make her happy. Do you think she would ever be comfortable going with you to your church?

Participating in religious ceremonies and festivities that her trained conscience would never accept?

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Would you understand her joy when she participates at her religious meetings? Abstains from things you may term normal? Would that joy still be there when she would refuse to accept blood transfusions even at the point of death? Something that would seem ludicrous to you and others.

Jehovah's Witnesses Sexuality And Dating - EX JW

Bro,please do yourself a big favour and move on,else you will come back here to tell stories that touch the heart. Such obvious imcompabilities are early warning signals that a relationship is headed for the rocks. In all things,try to look at issues from an open mind. Just my two cents. Top dog thanks for being candid.

He really needs 2 look at d points u raised carefully if he thinks he wants 2 b happy in future with her. U talking trash, is thiteing not in the bible, or is it a sin to pay ur tithe, no pastor has convinced u, u nover Jam, Jw i see dem as occultic people Let me tell you, the world we live is evil, all the google stories you read about Jw are false stories to assasinate JW name, at a time I almost believe them, untill my research fortunately landed me with the whole truth about them.

I read one day where these evil pple even said that Pastor CT rusell was burried with a mason logo, I was shoked at the beggining untill I found the material to explain the truth that Rusel died and was burried in oct , that logo was errected in , three ggraves far away from rusells grave, pple now take a far away picture of rusell's grave and claim he was a member of fre mason, pls do this research on your own and find out, the world records of mason members never indicated his name as a member.

I must advice you a regards the source of your research materials, you have been reading storied cooked up by clergies of christendom churches against rusell. If you want to know more about rusell, just contact www. This truth were hidden by catholics for over years, them if u are not a clergy you can't open it, it is a purnishable sin. Today you are ready false story about him, be careful, don't die of ignorance.

If a man accepts Jesus as his lord and savior and lives according to the bible principles BUT does not join the Jehovah Witness Church, is he going to hell because he never identified with the JW fold? This is the question that I have always wanted to ask a Jehovah Witness Member? I won't nd can never b a witness cos of a gul, I blive with understanding tins will b fine, but if she feels d only option for to b ma gul is bcoming a witness, then she has missed it all.

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However, its not her religion dat prevents her from marying a nonwitness, its her bible trained conscience dat prevents her Deut 7: Like u said, der r many witnesses who have DECIDED to marry a nonwitness many such cases , d outcome of d union doesnt rily mata because its a direct flouting of God's directives in d Bible. Bsides her major reason 4 not marrying u shdnt b because of being disfelowshipd or because of her family but because of her genuine love for God and her desire to please him!

You guys have missed it completely about Jw. I repeat no redeem pastors can stand me my I talk say about tithes or hell matters, they keep quiet ibukun if u are a JW den am disappointed. Afterall, ur knowledgr of d Bible is not as a result of ur intellectual depth not by ur power so y make it sound like ur some kinda "authority" at ur office.

I think u shd exhibit humility Broda Ibukun Luke Hmmmm, wel 1stly i must say am vry disapntd in a gal who travls 2 c a guy she hasnt met b4 n slps in his hous As a gal of ha age n exposure she stil d folow man,she no let man folo ha, kai!!! I wish i knew ha i 4 talk senc into ha Quote Report Like You have a very good question, but let me first tell you some of the things that complicated your question, no where is it mentioned in the bible that non righteous person is going to hell. Rev 20 vs 13,14 tells us that the dead and the dead in hell were casted into lake of fire.

Hell is grave read diff version of the bible first then you will uderstand this hidden truth Second, rev 18 vs 4 tells us to get out of babylon the great world empire of false religion. What u guys don't know is religion today is forming harlotship partnership with corrupt political powers of this world, that is why they are very influention, revelation has prophesy this long ago. This scriptures says this truth will only be revealed to babes and comon pple in the society.

So if you do now want to share part of her plague, if you do not want a bad association to spoit your good habit, the bible says get out of it my poeple. Remember also that God has always been dealing with one spirit directed organization, take for example God choose the nation of israel as his pple that survived the Red sea, he does not tolerate double standard from them, God worked with only noah and his family alone,why did he do that. The same God is saying just as it happened in noah's day, so the coming of the son of man will be.

Let our mind eyes tell us what that means. Read this prophecy in Dan 2 vs 44 and rev 17 vs This is what pastors don't have its understanding The world is comming to an end soon and it will destroy babylon the great first, the world empire. I don't waant u to be part of it because I appreciate your quest to know more. Now let her go.

You will both end in tears.

Non Jw Dating a JW

Just free her as early as possible. Thank u Ibukun Obi: You have still not answered my question A man lives by the principle of the bible but does not join the Jehovah Witness fold, would GOD reject him? OP think with your head, not your heart. That girl is not yours. Put aside your emotions meet her face to face and tell her off. Then take your mind off her, focus on your studies and pray to God to give you someone else your faith will be compatible with.

Ezzy u reason very nd I love dat respect bro. Its your duty to find out urself thru extensive Bible reading the kind of worship that is acceptable and approved by God.

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No JW will tell u der religion is d only true religion, dey will only share their knowledge of d BiBle with u and it is YOU who wld arrive at a conclusion ursef based on your findings. The bigest mistake d girl made ws 2 hv feelins 4 u. Bros 2 tel u d truth,beta end d relatnshp nw. Sentiment apart, this girl has seen the truth about God that u do not know, jw is so so organized that if she leaves there for penticostal, she will never find joy in her life again, am sorry, the sad truth is churches have failed today but Jw don't compromise their standards as set out in the bible.

God told abraham to listen to his wife on one such occassion and The truth is bitter,just as u ave spoken it,many wil criticize u for saying it but u ave said it all. You will need to first get yes or no from jesus first before u talk to me. I can see that I need not talk on this forum again. I like talking to people who needs the truth.

Jehovah's Witness Dating Rules

Ifyebere you are not in love with any JW girl, you are just here to ridicule yourself not jw. This forum is for apostates. You can never help them. The watchtower has admitted that they can't tell you whom to marry. The watchtower has no scripture that can prevent your marriage. JWs his friends are going to almost accuse him of being a polygamist.

Their reasoning is if you two get married the end of the world comes, only he survives, and he marries a perfect wife in God? You will be labels a seductress, with questionable character. Sadly this is true and happens often when immigrant men that find American women are too liberal, and want too many things.

They go out and sweep naive JW girl off their feet, most of these guys tend to be older upper middle class, and looking for a house wife and baby maker.